Delivery & Bespoke Options

República de RumGolf® products are custom made to order so please allow up to four weeks to receive your order.

Delivery charges are included in our pricing.


PLEASE NOTE: We also offer bespoke Polo Shirts.

These custom-tailored polo shirts are made to your exact specifications as measured by a renowned NYC-based tailor at his shop and, on occasion, via "road trips" to selected cities - please signup for our Mailing List to receive road trip alerts.

These shirts are handmade in New York City with mother of pearl buttons featuring hand-embroidery and usually ready/shipped to you within a week of fitting.

Colors: Navy, White and Black

Price: $700

We are also working on an mobile app for precise tailoring measurements and, more imminently, establishing a network of affiliated expert tailors in major cities - please email us for participating tailors near your location.